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Our social responsibility

OneLab proposes innovative solutions to companies who wish to implement initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Thus OneLab also builds its own corporate responsibility. OneLab does not consider Social Responsibility as solely philanthropic and free act, but in order to create shared value, desires to integrate it in everyone's professional life.

Shared value

Creating shared value involves value creation for business that simultaneously yields more profit and greater social impact, resulting in powerful transformations and opportunities for growth and innovation in both business and society. Shared value focuses on the connections between societal and economic progress.

OneBenefit : Creating your own shared value

OneBenefit is a tool that allows companies to achieve cost-savings in an intelligent and socially responsible manner, by investing savings in the field of micro-credit. OneBenefit allows employees to translate cost savings into a tangible benefit for themselves and for the company via a direct social contribution. This transparent tool allows companies to:

The primary goal of OneBenefit is to give additional motivation to employees in attaining their financial goals in cost reduction. It allows the integration of social responsibility directly within the natural process of maximising profit. It provides a marketing opportunity to publicise this initiative and attract new clients concerned about ethical consumerism. It offers an opportunity for employees to take pride in their contribution and strengthen their sense of belonging within the organisation.