Software Solutions


OneLab Solutions is active in the security, logistics, and hospitality markets, with a focus on RFID solutions, cloud applications, access control, event detection, and flow control. OneLab has close ties to many industry big players, and is uniquely suited to integrating various technologies to meet specific customer needs.


With extensive experience in the security market, OneLab can help you integrate disparate systems on many different levels. From developing simple interfaces to defining complete specifications, we can accompany you on the complex road to full IT/Security convergence. If single sign-on, Active Directory and virtualisation are not yet integrated in your current security structure, we can help you implement state-of-the-art IT guidelines to increase your company security and productivity. If you are a product manufacturer, our software and hardware development capacities can help integrate new sensor technology into new or existing products to improve your market positioning and give you a technical advantage over the competition.


User identification in access control applications is a complex subject: are proximity cards sufficient or are biometrics required? The choice of product and technology will have long-reaching consequences in the management of your site. OneLab can help you choose the technology right for your security needs, administrative constraints, and state legal restrictions. We are specialists in a wide variety of access control technologies and can help find the optimal solution to satisfy your security requirements while respecting privacy concerns.

Flow control

Confronted with implementing effective personnel flow control, but lost in the many available solutions? OneLab can help you find the solutions you have been looking for. Whether you are looking at turnstiles, speedgates, or airlocks, the experience of the OneLab team in the unique aspects of different international markets can give you global insights, respect all legal standards, and specify the ideal product in whichever part of the world you are active.


Event detection is a fundamental aspect of a complete security architecture. By focussing on your specific functional requirements, OneLab can propose a sensor solution tailored to your individual needs without incurring cost for unneeded features. Be it detection of explosives, left objects, tailgating, or complex multi-modal recognition systems, you can rely on our extensive and proven expertise.