Software Solutions


OneHotel is an innovative system designed to reinforce service excellence in luxury hotels. Integrated with existing CRMs, OneHotel allows hotel personnel to discreetly and automatically recognize and access the preferences of guests as they approach the reception, bar, restaurant...


The OneAccess system provides highly efficient and transparent security for your corporate environment. State of the art RFID technology allows the monitoring of sensitive access points for the safety of employees and to swiftly identify intruders and prevent theft or fraud.


OneGuard is an innovative system designed to protect your valuables. Using state-of-the-art Swiss-designed active RFID technology, OneGuard provides real-time wireless protection of both fixed and mobile objects of value.

Ticketing Kiosk

Portable ticketing kiosk ideally suited for self-service ticket distribution and validation applications in airports, cinemas, tradeshows, fairs, and other events.